First Paragraph Of My Novel:

The humming of life, in all forms, crept closer. The sounds swished through the atmosphere in this way each morning. So unpretentious and so pure, beautiful yet usual. Victoria would enclose herself in her frilly pink dress, slide into her black kitty heals and embrace her entire being outdoors. A short walk to work. Work; Something unavoidable, something that took her fragile mind, and smashed it to ruins. Her feminine uniform made her feel gracious, desirable. It was a shield from the constant dread and a distraction from each sluggish hour.
On her routine walk, she would take notice of the way greenery looked deeper before sunrise and she would wait patiently for Molly, the neighbourhood cat to farewell her. Such comfort this was for a girl of seventeen. Each and every morning, Molly arose out from the day-breaking mist.
At this hour, Victoria would hold no concerns, for it was as if she was a part of the Earth that had not yet awoken. She would think to herself, “what an eerie, yet fresh morning.” How solemn she felt gazing up at the moon who was still present; murky as were her still dreary eyes. This day was new; yet the tranquillity may soon grow old.
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Thank you so much, I really appreciate this. :-) x

i think this is amazing (amaz), its very desc<x>riptive and i hope to read more from you. I write too all the things you said , short stories , song lyrics but none as good as this