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My soul has been running in circles searching for you,
on the search since day one but still no sign of you
where will you be when will it be
Im getting tired of sitting here patiently
cuz im running out of time almost losing my mind
and the people in line waiting for you to shine
only one in the world that can do it like you
show me how you do so I can learn to love you too
time calapse cuz with you it dont exsist
lets relaps wondering if youd be would be my miss
to to shine blow them all away
but the beauty that you are is causing me to stay
to risk everything that I have do anything just to make you glad
only one in the world that causes the pain
only one in the world that eases the pain
let me explain......
Mwuahsay Mwuahsay
Jun 2, 2012