Short And Sweet

I believe in God, but I don't believe in Satan
I think good and evil were both the creator's creation
And man was made in every shape and color
So we could learn to love, and accept the differences in each other.

MP 2012

spygirl1978 spygirl1978
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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

You might want to read the Bible again. You're right, God did create
good and evil. Wasn't Satan an angel in the beginning? And Christ
spoke more about Satan than He did about God!

I kind of meant it in a metaphorical sense. I don't believe in an evil creature with horns sitting amongst fire and brimstone in the center of the earth. But nor do I believe God is anything like man. The 'idea' of Satan represents the evil thoughts within ourselves.....

And I have no intention of reading the bible. It contradicts itself too much, and I'm fully against the idea that God would ever test a man's faith in him by asking us to sacrifice our own children. If God is love, then the Bible's got Him all wrong.

You're right ... I don't think God and Satan are anything like
what we think they are, but Satan is a lot more than evil thoughts.

I ponder evil a lot. I think about men like Hitler, or guys who kill with no remorse....How do I really know they have no remorse? And how do I know whether they are a product of someone else's abuse? Is the abuser the true root of evil? So what I conclude, is that only God knows.....and rather than question why bad things happen, I just accept that God has reason for everything, whether I can see it from my perspective or not.

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