Amnesia For The Faint Of Heart

When I see that your nightmares are my dreams
Like a sky with a hole where the sun should be
Or a house on fire with a man at the window
A crash on the interstate when no one's around
The thief in the dark without a sound
Watching your teeth fall from your face
A dark room where you're not alone
The fall you never took but feared that you would
Or a memory you can't forget that stains your soul
A child that's born who's life God stole
The fear of growing old
Going blind in the brightest place
Forgetting your lover and the warmth of their skin
An empty house where no one has been

All of these dreams remind me why,
I don't want to be that hole in the sky
Or the blaze of the flame that steals him away
The silence of breath as the beating hearts stay
Or the hidden intentions beneath the dark cloak
The sound of the cartilage as they all broke
Or the blankets of dark as they surround
The distance between you, hope, and the ground
Or the regret that you wish that you could forget
The knowledge that God's will is always a threat
Or the crippling time that takes away youth
The blackest of things that hides away truth
Or the heartbreak that comes with being alone
The missing voices that made that house a home

I demand that you have release,
So I won't be the enemy of peace.
CatalystKasper CatalystKasper
18-21, M
2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

That reminds me of the fact that as we go along we get better and better.

That was really nice. It evoked deep feelings. Bravo.