Mother Oh Mother

Not sure what to title this poem so if you have suggestions, leave them in the comment box..

How I wish you were here
It's so surreal, happened too fast
I miss you, as I write this
Please God, grand me some bliss

Mother oh Mother,
You do not know how it hurts
That monster eats my heart
Ever since the start
My eyes cry, whispering sorrow

Please forgive me for my sins
I know I've messed up, I tried my best
Guess it didn't work to impress
I miss you, my heart grieves
It's just not the same

I wish I got to say "goodbye"
But this will have to do
So all I say to you
"I love you and goodbye"
xpetiteetoilex xpetiteetoilex
22-25, F
Dec 24, 2012