Fly Away...

So, sometimes I get ideas in my head for poems. I mostly write lyrics, but occassionally an idea will pop into my head so I will write it down. This isn't very good, and I will probably adapt it, but I thought I would get it down whilst it was still fresh in my mind and edit it later. It is by no means an epic work of art, but it was something that randomly hit me in the early hours of the morning!

The fire slowly dies,
Only embers remain,
When you rise from the ashes,
A phoenix from the flames.

Beautiful, majestic, graceful,
And free,
You soar through the sky,
And I wish it was me.

Strong and wise, full of passion,
Not fear,
You can take yourself,
Far away from here.

Away from the hurt,
Away from the pain,
To a place you will never feel it again.

Phoenix fly far, joyous and free,
While I remain trapped-
I wish it was me.

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2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

That is beautiful! Your early random thoughts are ahead of most of us in talent and creativity ...

You are welcome. Thank you for the post. It Rocks!!!!

May you evolve and transcend into your own flight...
May you sprout your wings...and allow your halo to guide you through our celestial plane
Where peace and serenity engross your soul...
Where the sky is warm and welcoming...
And the stars shine bright...
You are my twilight, my only Angel
And you shine my world bright