Ramblings Of A Conflicted Heart.

Crashing like a jet liner,

Do not feel afraid,

For in her eye's,

Falling vastly,

I would gladly die.

To look within them,

Feel a falling sky,

As if an ocean breeze,

Blowing deep inside,

Felt far,and beyond,

All that is time.

Heart aches for her touch ,

Eyes deprived of the smile,

Soul searching for the sound,

Soft the whisper,

As she lies me down.

All will be just fine

For within her arms

I am found

Deeper than any sea

A rose that rides a wave

Wrapped around my dreams

She crashes into my shores

As I starve to breathe

A kiss the candle lit

Moon leading to the stars

The words become scars

Inscribed within my head

The memoir of my heart

Trapped left unsaid

Love more than

I could ever say

For whatever reason why

Fragile ,mispoken, broken today

Missing her as the moon

Misses the night

Deep my breathe

A hollow sigh
ziggy8585 ziggy8585
26-30, M
Jan 7, 2013