Dirty Dancing In The Desert!!

Wicked ways different taste

Your pleasure my pain

In the end

Can we make amends?

Can we stop the press?

Before the ink

Has hit the page

For once written out

Cannot be undone

The story they will tell

Is it worthy of us?

Have they heard?

Your side of things

Does your voice even matter

In a world of misinterpretations

Fuel for the fire

The ticking bomb

That is my head.

Will it explode in anger?

Dissolving all its fears

To take the forefront

Striking the first blow

No, they would not ever

See it coming

Would it matter more?

Coming from me, or less

Because it was for you

In the pursuit of happiness

Could I find peace?

That lends itself to me as you do

The clock it ticks

I do not give a ****

It just bothers me to know

What do I know?

Why do you ask?

Is it really yours, or someone else?

Dirty dancing in the desert

Pray to god, and hope

He hears you now

Well does he ever

Really, who has to say?

Never got the message

Maybe one dreadful day

Would that not seem

To be too late

A sinner makes a sinner sin

Even the holy repent

Holy or not still to be

Forgotten amongst many

So what does it mean?

To be that cleansed

To be burned

, or buried in dirt.

Grand marshal at

The ant parade

Maggots on spring break

Brains the main entree

Party in the casket

Before departing for hell

Red ribbon on the hand basket

Oh what a thrill

Bones in a box

Ashes on the mantle

One always near the flame

The other always cold and rattled

Was it all worth it?

To end this way

We still hold the answer

Born again each day
ziggy8585 ziggy8585
26-30, M
Jan 8, 2013