I fell from grace,
The fall was hard,
The pained you caused,
was brutal and scarred.

I wished to never be in this place,
That it hadn't happened,
Was all a mistake.
Yet still I fell.

Heat turned to fire,
The flames building so high,
I just couldn't see it,
I didn't want to try.

I hit the ground,
And all you could find,
Was a broken heart,
A shattered mind.

The pieces too small,
To put back into place.
And so it completes,
The fall from grace.

I wonder if someday,
My luck will bend.
The sorrow is over,
The breaks will mend.

Until that day,
I remain to be,
A broken angel,
Lost at sea.

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4 Responses Jan 9, 2013

beautifully somber....I loved reading this. Thank you for sharing.

Love this!

very well done! You sell yourself short by over critiquing...Writing should be about you expressing yourself :-)

Very nice! Could make a great song! :)

:) your mind is beautiful!

Yes. You write very well. I wish I had your flow...