Weaving pictures in my mind,
Of all the things I've left behind.
A tapestry of memories,
A portrait of how things used to be.

A word, a thought, a laugh a smile,
All beautifully etched in the image for a while.

The colours fade,
The feeling remains,
Like a part of your soul has been stained.

With emotions and feelings,
That run through the thread.
The tapestry grows as
Down the path of life you are led.

When the sun begins to set,
The colours fade and fall apart,
The pieces of the tapestry
Remain forever in your heart.

A keepsake of the life gone by,
Where love and laughter,
Filled the sky.

You pass them down,
For others to see,
Renewed colours and stitches,
Of what is to be.
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2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Omg I love that. So beautifull. Good job:)


Beautifully done :-). Might be your best one yet I think