My Song "nobody's Out There"

There's fire in her eyes
The flames were so bright
She could burn down the whole world
That's what she wants to do
Cause nobody cares
They ignore her likes she's not even there
She cries at night cause all she wants is to be wanted
But no one knows she's in pain
She puts a smile on her face everyday
But when she's alone
She can't help but to let the tears fall
Cause she knows that there's nobody out there(nobody out there)
Who cares about her
The pain in her heart
The stare in her eyes
The frown hidden deep inside
But nobody knows
Knows what it's like
To be all alone
Nobody there for her nobody at all
She acts like she don't care
She pretends not to notice
But it don't even matter
Cause there's nobody out there
Nobody out there who cares enough
Maddison1111 Maddison1111
18-21, F
Jan 10, 2013