Temptation Of Legion

Duct taped wrists tied to a noose
My willing victim that I choose
Black laced stockings on your milky flesh
Burning wax upon your breasts

Feel my fingers upon your breath
Squeezing tighter around your neck
Choking moans a violent red
Brining you closer to your death

Bury my tongue inside your tomb
Drink your honey as I taste you
Explore the insides of your forbidden fruit
Eat your apple and drink its juice

Beat you’re into my submission
Force you into your position
Fading into asphyxiation
Claiming your total domination

Temptation is your salvation
Temptation is your salvation

Your temptation is overwhelming
Draws me to the soul you’re selling

ForestofStars ForestofStars
36-40, M
Jan 11, 2013