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Once a black rose
But never again
She was once confined
And sheltered in sin
She took all she could get away
Never giving back a thing
Always hurting the ones she.
loved the most
Causing them unnecessary pain

She changed her ways
Realizing what she did
She had dreams and goals in life
And chose to follow that road

But nothing's ever enough
Always put down by the ones
closest to her heart
She struggles to stay focused
Ignoring what they say even
though it hurts

Nothing in life can be done alone
We always need a helping hand
Someone to guide us through
the rough spots
And always give what they can

She leans on her friends if
Even though the true ones are
She used to think she had it all
figured out
But now wanders around
realizing she has no clue

This girl lives inside me
With every breath that I take
A life full of tears
Seems to be our fate

She'll eventually fade
It just takes time
When I realize that this girl is me
I'll be able to wipe the last tear
from my eye

I wrote that over 10 years ago. Still rings true to me today. Kinda funny, in a twisted way...
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Good poetic style.