Love Triangle

When I wrote this, I was unsure of the title so it's temporary till I get a better one...I wrote this when I was seventeen

I met her in early January
beautiful green eyes
I got that butterfly feeling
like a shining star
wishing on love, how far
I can't have it

*When I'm with you
I can be myself
No one understands my love
I can't be with you

Every time we go out
I get that funny feeling
two teens in love, I'm believing
You send mixed signals, am I blind?
If you don't want me, fine
I can't have it


Remember that time
sitting on the hood of my car
staring up at the sky
counting all of the stars
it was magical
I can't have it

*repeat 2x

I wrote this based off a girl that I used to like..
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

Felt a little sad reading it, but enjoyed it.

It was a sad song I wrote. But glad you enjoyed it :)