Eighteen Pillows

I closed my eyes, my thoughts unread,
And eighteen pillows filled my bed,
But more distractions, filled my head,
So distant dreams they came instead.

Dreams of journeys, of places new,
Of things to see and things to do,
Of times, when all the clocks stood still,
And all my hours with you, I’d fill.

Of still summer nights, walks on the sand,
Of stories only we’d understand.
Of gentle touches, of kisses sweet,
Of silent moments, that we’d repeat.

Of missing years, of all regrets
Of stolen minutes, we’d not forget.
So distant dreams, they came instead.
When eighteen pillows filled my bed.
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Very beautiful. These verses convey an crystal clear image. Hooked me from the first line to the last.

Thanks for your kind words

I feel this. Passionate and I've been there myself, sleeping in a bed with opportunities and dreams that'll never be realized... at least, with her. But whose to say.

Good stuff on your rhymes.

Cheers man. Passion and rhyme, always a good mix :)