These are just some words I wrote down yesterday...

Knife in the heart
Adage to you
Look down in disbelief
What's red is supposed to be blue
Dress up nice in black
I bid you adieu
Final curtain call
Written as both farce and tragedy,
and always with her dancing shoes


For you I've got words
Listen close so you don't forget what.
ya heard
I'm concerned
You can't descern
The good from the bad from the evil
Schemes of the deceitful
Weak minds of the feeble
Just can't be agreeable
We the people
Disapprove and admonish your
We banish your existence
Don't want your kind in these parts
I've got no love for the cold at


~I never write about love. Negative emotions are what inspire me.

orchid00 orchid00
26-30, F
Jan 21, 2013