Naturally, Organically
letting these emotions cultivate
motivate me to a higher order
of being,
I'm seeing,
the benefits to wait,
taking nibbles at your Heart bait
how much more am I allowed to take?
There is no chance mistake
please believe,
There is more to you, girl
then I can now see
Which is why,
I'm taking my time,
to know what's inside your mind
whether this is a spring fling or
a forever-type thing.
You could be my everything
or an up/down beat note I could never sing

I don't want to rush
what could lead to us
We don't have to be serious
Let's go out and play,
seize this day
Forget the Ten Rules
and make our own way,
Digging your soul
You are a diamond amongst the coal
No defined role
While we take it slow

If this how it be
to know
how much you mean to me
and me to you,
what can I do but
respect the process
of this wonderful progress
let this flower bloom
now rather than later
or worse, too soon.

We've seeded the ground
won't be longer now
Our fires rising
thinking of One
rather than Two
Judgement coming
We'll start running
Hopefully you to me
And me to you.

Though I'm skeptical
My love before
had not been elliptical
Nor returned with care
Not your fault
my Heart is in my personal Vault
taking precaution to share
That's why this natural pace
We can both embrace
And walk hand in hand
Rather than compete like in a race
Cause time is not the enemy
Only our past can hold us back
due to the hurt we've learned
After giving ourselves in the sack
So lets relax
Enjoy the company
Listen to the emotional symphony
That's within our core
And if our personal Love bird finally sings
Hopefully it'll sing, "Forever More"


((I've been wanting to write something that is positive for once and in my situation, I thought this up. Taking one's time in a relationship is important, getting to know the other and what you are stepping into. We all got baggage, but we shouldn't have to hurt the person we're interested in with it. There is no age requirement that requires you to be married or having found your one True Love, so take your time, enjoy the time together, and just Respect.))
LysanderFremont LysanderFremont
26-30, M
Jan 25, 2013