Run Run Run

I'll run run run as fast as I can
Gonna run home to see my darlin
Am gonna kiss her sweet on the cheek
Hold her tight an start the lovin

Verse 1
Your smiles brighter than the hot sun
Your a angel sent from heaven above
Everyday more an more I fall In love
Took me a while to finally to say hi
Always walked bye no eye to eye
Yep I was nervous I was scared I was petrified...
Then one day my dreams finally came true
I was out in a club stuttering to you
Few weeks later I became your guyyyy
So without a doubt ill run run run (chorus)

Verse 2
What have you done done done to my heart
I get butterflys stil when we kiss in the dark
I love everyfin about you your my shinin star
I'll run for millions off mile across the world
To hold her hand kiss lips with my beautiful girl
I won't give up without a fight....
Clap yeh hands if you have fallin in love..
they make u feel like yeh special feel loved.
tell me that you wouldn't stop ul run run run (chorus)

Verse 3
I miss u while we're sleepin at night
I kiss yh cheek an hold you tight
I let go in the mornin when we see daylight,
I Can't wait for the day to make u my wife
We'll run run run all across the globe
Through the rain snow an blistring cold
I can see the future I see what it holds.
So hold my hand
babe and never let go
I'll run run run as fast as I can
Run to great yeh with my arms wide open

My song has been made into a demo
Soon be available to listen to :)
End of Lyric. JR copyrights reserved Andrew Moorcroft

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