Thank You Note to the Other Woman

One man's drink is another man's poison...that's true of women, too...she's anxious to get you, I can't wait to get rid of you...I say, more power to her! and I hope she's got a sense of humor...when she finds out she didn't steal a husband...she just won herself a part-time roomer...Chorus: And I'd like to say a warm thank you to the other woman...I'd like to express my heart-felt sympathy...she thinks she's actin' out a romantic love story...but she's co-starring in an American tragedy...I know how it goes, 'cause that's how WE started in the recent bye-and-bye...Your first wife didn't understand you, and believe me, I found out why...After fishing so hard to catch you, it seemed a shame to throw you back...but I'm relieved to hear you've found a more appealing selection on the rack...Chorus...I see you're surprised, 'cause you're used to grievin' from the girl you're leavin' behind...but the only thing I'm losing is a burden from my mind...I don't think I'm gonna miss you, don't think you'll leave a vacancy...I'm proud to announce my last performance in an American tragedy. Chorus.
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7 Responses Sep 13, 2008

Super Lyrics. Luv 'em

This is so dope! Thank you for sharing; I'm sorry for the 'tragedy' as you say, but hey, let go of that misery for something better, hm?

Love this!!!

very well written! made me feel good to read it. having a hard time myself.

I loved this! Great attitude!

Live and learn. I now refer to him as HIAHD (Handsome is as handsome does). Give me a good heart and a good brain ANY day of the week!

Good for you- reminds me of my dad and his new wife- my mom was like YOU can have him- and it's obvious she doesn't trust him- she goes EVERYWHERE with him, even if he's going to pick up his kids for their weekly visitation.<br />
<br />
Pft, I'd rather be single than deal with that crap.