My Song


why won`t anybody see, why can`t anyone see the real me, why doest`n any body care?

Why will  no one try to be a friend to me,I am myself no one  who i want to be , Why does it always seem,


like noone cares nobody knows how i feel where i want to go , they don`t see its time to let me go !!!!


ive got this crazy feeling ,like im falling into the deep end    nobody cares , nobody knows, how i feel , how it goes , i have something i want to reach, somebody i want to be, somebody please take my hand , somebody please,  try to understand.

Verse 2

i feel so out of my mind, im running out of time, i love to share how i feel, but no seems to feel, the same way i do , what i want to , how can i get to where i want to be.


noone cares noone knows how i feel, who i want to be to be who i will be, noone really sees, the real me



neyggle101 neyggle101
1 Response Sep 28, 2008

Hey darling! I care. We all feel like this sometimes- you're not the only one. But know that there is still goodness in the world.. but if there is none you can seem to find.. there is something in yourself that can keep you up and towards the light- you just have to want it and follow it, doll :)