I'm not sure what to call this but it is writing~

I'm tired of waiting
My patience wears thin
Your eyes, do they work?
I can see the innocence you hide
I can see the pain you can't leave
You've always put others before me.
But love, you'll always be my favorite
So I'll continue to wait for you
I'm high on misery
But I'm falling faster and faster
So I ******* binge drink
But it only takes the liquid from my throat and puts it in my eyes
Then it makes me go away
I guess I'm glad, what's so good about his place?
Im not the best person in the world
I think you don't listen
I say I'm broken
But I don't think you get it
I love you with a part of my heart
But you're slipping away
And I'm sleeping it away
The psychosis in my head
It breaks me down
Do you have the same thoughts?
Do you have them at night?
How can you be happy about the day
When you've given up on the light?
Do me a favor and say my name.
At least do this
I'm starting to worry
I'm not so sure I exist
But i already took the breathe out of your mouth.
So, I take some more pills
And began to fall south.

Apologies for grammar or it being bad anything like that btw
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2 Responses Aug 23, 2014

It is OK to call it what you like . . it is whatever you say it is, because you had the guts to write it from your own heart . . .
If you want the technical term this is 'free verse' . . .
Try Charles Bukowski for examples that might appeal to you . . .
Thank you for sharing it

It is very good

I can't think of any tips or suggestions apart from keep up the good work and if I think of any I will let you know