Here's one I just wrote tonight :/

it sucks when all you can do is sit and cry
about the regrets in your life as you want to kiss them goodbye
i wish I could be like a soldier and stay strong
but all I can really do is break down

some people say life is going to get easier
but in all honesty all it does is get harder
with all the decisions you're faced to choose
which one are you willing to lose?

life isn't what you expect
especially when it's built off regret
and how many times your cried
when all you really wanted to do was die. :/

some people say it was just a mistake
but I know it would be different if I had done things my own way
people don't know what I've been through
until they are to walk in my shoes

everytime I read what you wrote
it kills me a little inside
i feel like I'vebeen broke
and nothing can fix me
Borntobedevilcute Borntobedevilcute
18-21, F
Aug 18, 2014