Tell Me (genre, Kinda Country)

I wanna know, if you could feel the way

That I do today , oh

And through the times that I could see it

In your eyes, they gleam its no surprise

To me


Down in the dumps I was before

The day that we came in contact, oh

And now that you have left my world

Leaving sorts of feelings on impact , why?


And I wanna know if you could really tell me how you felt about me, in the start

Tell me

And then I can walk away with the feeling that I did it right, for once

Tell me

And then I'll walk away

And then I'll walk away, oh

Without the pain that I had once felt

Tell me


And did you see me there

Standing by the trees in the distance?

I saw you

Can't you see me too?


I wanna know if you could find a way to let me in your heart

Tell me, tell me

Will I ever get a chance to try and start a new, all over again


It will never be the same, no no

You left me without any notice

Now I'm feeling down and unvoted for

Tell me

What it would take for you

To forgive me for the things that I have done

Tell me

I wanna know

I wanna know, now

Tell me

I wanna know

I wanna know, now

18-21, F
3 Responses Dec 21, 2009

Could me and my band do a cover on this song? Just tweak it a little with yye words and hive it a metal vibe? I swear. We give you all the credit. I've had a.creative block lately and I haven't been able to think of some decent lyrics.

It is a good song I wish I could hear the song being sung.. It sounds really cool it sounds kinda a slow pop I guess lol

very interesting the way that the meter changes just a touch in the verses. I am actually seeing this as a possible alternative country, or just alternative could go either way. After reading it several times, and genre switching in my head, I cant see it as pop or blues, but I definately get the rockish/countryish feeling, definately keep writing, there is some real talent there...I wish I could have written like that when I was younger...I wouldn't be working construction right now