"i Miss You" Original Song By: Szoeg

Here is my very first song that i wrote, its about my best friend, whom i fell in love with, only to tell him, and find out he was in love with someone else.

"I miss you" 

I miss you, i miss your smile, i even shed a tear every once in awhile,
We used to be best friends, and i thought till the very end,
but after i told you, oh things began to change.
we talked less and less, i had made such a mess... now i miss you.

After i told yout he talks got shorter,
and it got more awkward.
Throughout the summer i sounded real desperate. All i really wanted was our friendship back.
I could tell you were pretty surprised, but she was still the main girl on your mind.
It was hard for me last year but now its worse.
When i see you, boy my voice gets hoarse.
But boy... i miss you

You turned my life upside down.
When i think about it oh i frown.
When you told me you loved her, i felt a sting.
I thought i'd never be happy again.
Once school began this fall, couldn't wait to see your face,
meet again in such a familiar place.
Full of memories and happy feelin's

My heart yearns for your smile,
for the sound of your strut across the tile.
I wish upon tonight for you to smile at me,
i fear it will never happen, within the seven seas.
I tell myself i'll wait for you, but doing so makes me feel like a fool.
But i just can't help that... I miss you.

I miss you, i miss your smile. I even shed a tear, every once in awhile.
we used to be best friends,
i thought till the very end...javascript:void(0);
But after i told you, oh things began to change.
We talked less and less... Oh i had made such a mess,
now i miss you.

szoeg szoeg
13-15, F
1 Response Mar 13, 2012

Sweetheart, it's a good thing you're young. You have plenty of time to heal To write a song for your first love shows how much you really loved him and it shows how true the saying is, "Love is blind"! Sometimes we are blinded by our love for someone we don't want to see what's happening right in front of us. Count your losses and move on, you're still young, actually too young to be falling in love. Here is some sound advice. Don't go looking for love, because when you stop looking for it and least expect it, love will find you.