I Am A Songwriter And Lyricist.

I think that I realized that I was a songwriter when the chorus to a christian song became a "sing-a-long". We were performing MY SONG live. What a joy to hear others lifting their voices to the words and melody that sprung forth out of me. I birthed that song into existence, recorded it, performed it several times but the one time that it brought me the most joy was when I heard others adding their voices to my song! I had been writing songs for several years and another songwriter/friend commented "your lyrics go on and on" exclaiming that I was a lyricist and could write songs with deep meaning and expressive words. She wrote "ditties" while I wrote an "opus". 

It has been a while since I have written a song. My most prolific year was 2004; I wrote songs for friends and gave them a recorded copy with a decorative frameable lyric sheet with dedication to them, my friend, within a basket of goodies and treats; images of love and friendship. I have written in the christian gospel and praise and worship genres. I no longer write those types of songs but yet I feel that I "have a song in my heart", mainly love songs I suppose.
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Thanks, I see my singing, songwriting (and collaborating: I LOVE to collaborate) and recording probably no different than a painter sees her canvas and paint; it is what I love to do and love to work with. The only thing with this song is; I have to REWRITE the lyrics...a bit of a challenge and I will record BOTH and save them "side by side"...what my life might have been if I had NOT dreamed of being with him and what it is now...heaven...

Seems to be a therapeutic medium as well. :)

Oh, it is, very much so. I am hoping to write "healing songs"; I also play the celtic harp and sing.

Thats wonderful! That you are a song writer and that you have written such a very special song! Wow! :)