Take Me Home

(COme on death take me home)

{Verse 1}
Sittin here, ready to jump in the hearse
I just want to die, Why I gotta live first?
So many sick mother ******* in the world today,
Just leave 'em al behind so I can be on my way
The reaper just takes you to the next phase of life
So come, I wanna go, someone give me a knife

(Come on death take me home)
Mother ******* got me irrated
Why's this life so ****** complicated?
(Come on death take me home)
Same bullshit day after day
I wanna end it, Watch the world fade to gray
(Come on death take me home)
Who really gives a **** if I die?
How many of you ******* are really gonna cry?
(Come on, Mr. Reaper, I'm ready to go)

{Verse 2}
I'm ready to watch the world burn to black,
I just wanna go home, Ain't no need to look back.
Death, come on mother ******, where the hell you be?
I'm ready to spread my wings so I can be free.
Finally the reaper come to carry me home
And take me to the palce where I can be alone


{Verse 3}
I gotta say goodbye to my family
The one I was born with and the one that claims me.
I love all you ******* more than life itself
That's why I'm sitting, drinking strychnine to your health.
Peace out and know I'm with you for all time
And think of me whenever I cross your mind.


(Come on death take me home)
I'm ready to end all this **** tonight
(Come on death take me home)
I'm ready to go, I won't put up a fight
(Come on death take me home)
I'll see all my homies in the afterlife
So someone just go and get me a ******' knife

Satsujinkyou Satsujinkyou
26-30, M
Jul 6, 2008