Missed Call

By my bedside I lay staring out the window

feeling that noise , hearing it loud in my head

All day ringing , a melody on replay

listening to my heart beating , ( Oh oh )

Tears just roll off my cheeks remembering you .

Cuz everytime I say your name , I'm getting ur missed call

memories of us running , walking under the stars

that night we spent singing our heart's song

Why do you have to go ? Aint time for no goodbye

How cold can it get , waiting for you is killing me.

rain falls on the window , Looking at the street

people holding hands , I'm still getting your missed call.

When we first met , I thought it'd last forever.

guess i'm just learning , you're still here but maybe ...

Maybe someday we'll be friends , but all i'm getting is your missed call .

for now , i'll wait for that day , someday we'll meet

could feel my heart beat through my hands

I thought you were the one to understand

I guess you're just like the rest

Without you , I see that I can go on

Maybe not strong now , But i'm saving my struck chest

Stop calling , making me suffer more , I dont want your missed call x 4

TheJakeBlack TheJakeBlack
22-25, M
3 Responses Nov 11, 2012

That's so beautiful :) your voice. You will believe you can make it, its yours to see and hold. Your will your life. Who's stoppin ya? Anyways you right good songs n I think youl be really amazing if you teach yourself words n reading many books. I kno no photo x/ I'm on a cell fone ! Can't upload but I'm not ugly. Take care :)

Can you sing :)

yup i can :)

I can actually relate to it, and somewhat, you do too, like because of last summer with K and all.
Beautiful <3