Untitiled Song

He wakes up in there room, hoping her face is the first thing he see's,
But instead he wakes up to find her eyes : cold, dead, and lifeless
He body chalk white and breathless as she lay so still.

Why, how could you leave us this way oh why, did you seek out that knife
oh why couldnt you just stay, oh why stay and be mine.

He has scars that tell stories, and in his mind memories of all of those times
they shared, together, All of the dates, the flowers, and the dancing in the rain
all gone now now, replaced by pain.

Why, why did you leave, oh why, how could you leave us this way, You could have stayed the knive, spared your own life and stayed, you could have been mine, WHY

Now that your gone I cannot feel.

(unfinished and untitled but what do you think anyone?)
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1 Response Jan 31, 2013

Omfg you wrote this?!?!?!!

Yeah its very good :)

**** um I like it :* haha (huggss)

Y thank you jake :) your not so bad yourself haha