Mostly Country

Well I love writing country songs :) I just wrote a new one (well the lyrics for it anyway) gonna whip out the keyboard soon and try to get a good melody. I can sing the melody (well its a work in progress anyways). I recently came to discover Johnny Cash is an inspiration of mine. I love how even when he talks about quite solemn things he puts it in an upbeat song, along with some "hell, what can you do about it?" attitude.

I constantly write songs about this dump I live in and the people who live in it and how much I hate it. But I could never write a song that worked for it because I kept going for a sombre kind of tone because it quite frankly depresses me, but after being inspired by oul Johnny I'm actually really enjoying working on this song :)

I think todays market is so over-saturated by ****-tard bimbos who can't sing and are basically just dancers who just shove a bunch of beats together and get their producers to make their singing sound good on some machine, I think the music world is in dire need of more real people.

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Jan 15, 2009