What Should I Use?

Ok so I'm going to spank my daughter and I don't no what to use and before I tell you this story I want you to know she's only 11! Oh and this happened today. So my daughter got 3 count em 3 F's on her report card. I know what your thinking this is what I'm spanking her for but no I let her off easy and grounded her because I wasn't very good in school ether. I sent her to her room and about an hour later I went in and she wasn't there. After I had looked for her I couldn't find her. I started frantically calling around and finally Sanya's (my daughter) friends mom answered her phone
" oh I was just about to call you April (me) my daughters gone oh I'm so worried"
" Yeah so is mine and I'm about to go looking for her" Kathrine then hung up the phone and ran across the street to my house. We went out to look after about 2 hours we where turning around and passed a run down store and our daughters were sitting there with teens DRINKING! So we when home silently when we got home I told her she was in for it tomorrow when I got home and told her to go to her room but now I don't know what to spank her with so please help this is all so TRUE it hurts should I use multiple or just a lot of one thing belt spoon paddle brush hand strap etc which one?
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26-30, F
Dec 2, 2012