Westward Wagon

A story found on the 'net with author unknown that might find enjoyable reading while depicting the good old days of the West:

Westward Wagon

The young lady stood by the grave of her parents...looking strong and brave on the outside, but on inside a little
child was screaming in fear. She was all alone in the world now, and with no where to go. She had absolutely no
idea what she was going to do, how she was going to make it.

Katie was a young woman of 19 yrs old. She and her parents had been on their way to California from West Virginia
when they had all contacted Scarlet Fever while they were traveling thru Texas. This was often fatal, and her parents
feel victim it. For some strange reason, Providence saw fit to spare her life. As she grieved by the grave she silently
called out to her Maker, asking Him why he left her behind.

About that time a tall serious man approached her. She could she see by his expression that he was concerned about her.
He was about six feet tall, with light brown hair, having the color of eyes she had never seen before. He looked to be about
10 or 11 yrs older than her. Had she not been so grieved she would have noticed that man was very handsome. She realized
as he got closer that he was the law man she had seen for the last few days in their camp, a federal marshal. She thought
probably he was coming to tell her that the wagon train was ready to pull out and that she needed to decide what she was going
to do. Inside herself she knew that she could not stay, but she had no desire to leave the grave side or to continue to go to
California. She had no future there without her family. While her thoughts ran ramped with indecision, his soft southern voice
intruded on her thoughts.

"Miss, the wagon train is about to leave, the wagon-train master wants to know what he should do, wait for you a little longer
or pull out." Big sad brown eyes met the stranger. She said nothing at first, speaking volumes just in her look. He could tell that
she was trying to be strong but was devastated. He also noticed that she was very pretty.

"How can I just "leave" them here?" came her soft reply. The man did not respond to that question, knowing that he had no answer
for her. He gave her a question back.

"What will you do if you remain?" he asked gently.

"I am not sure. In California I was going to teach. I wonder if there are any positions here in Houston. Do you know who I could
talk to about that?" she asked bravely.

"Well actually, I am on my way to California myself with my sons.

I am to be the new marshal for the Sera Nevada Territory, California is soon to become a state and needs some
law enforcement." She stood speechless for a moment. The man had children, but indicated he was going with just
his sons. Her curiosity got the best of her.

"You do not have a wife sir?" she asked. He seemed a little surprised at the question. Sorrow and bitterness registered
on his face, then quickly vanished.

"No, the damn fever got her as it did your parents." was all he said. Silence hung in the air for what seemed like ages.
"The reason I came here miss was to ask you a question. I know that you are not ready for this, but the way I am seeing
it you have very few options as a young woman alone in this area. I need someone to look after my two boys. I need someone
to keep them fed and tended to while I am busy getting us to California. The truth is I am looking for a good woman to be their
mom, in other words I need a wife."
At first it did not register to Katie what he was asking her. Then it hit her like a ton of bricks.

"Marry YOU???????" she squealed."How could you possibly ask me that right now, I do not
even know you. You could be a mean, sadistic man for all I know. You just want me to sign away my whole life to you???"
Katie was getting hysterical.
John took a big breath. Looked at the hysterical young woman right in the eye and pierced her with his gaze. Then said in a
steel-firm, but controlled voice

" I am not sadistic am a God fearing man, good to my sons, well respected in this community and I would NEVER hurt any
woman. Your very accusation offends me to no end. I am giving you an opportunity to survive, and even be content if you
can just have the insight to see it!"

Katie had no fight left in her. She knew what she had to do. She had seen this man in the camp before and knew that what
he said was true. She also knew that she had very little choice at the moment. It was either become this man's wife, or another
man's mistress. Which she knew she could never do and live with herself.

"Can you promise never to hurt me physically? I have never been with any man the way you are suggesting and I am not
ready for this now." Katie's face turn bright red with this confession, but it was on the surface of her heart and she had to
let him know how she was feeling.

"I can understand that. I will never take advantage of you or do something to you that you can not handle. We can wait
as long as you need to get comfortable with me. As far as hurt you physically, I would not doing anything to you that
your dad has not done to you before. I am not a violent man Katherine. However, I do expect for you to obey me.
Your very survival will depend on that."
Katie did not think anything strange with what John had said. She had loved her parents and had been a good daughter,
so she knew that obeying John would not be a problem, as long as he was reasonable. She "hoped" he was reasonable.

The next few hours were a blur for Katie. Before she knew it she had agreed to become Mrs. Jonathon Walker and
was seated on the wagon seat next to her new husband traveling west to California. She was numb inside and looking
off to the horizon. John watched her from the corner of his eye. She was indeed pretty with her brown hair and eyes,
even if they were full of sorrow. He hoped that they could have a little peace in their life after all the sorrow both of
them had recently had experienced.

Over the next few weeks John studied her very carefully. The first thing John realized about Katie was that she was
good with kids. She was gentle but firm with both his sons. They were both as cute as they could be but were a handful.
Katie was up to the task. He noticed that she had a sense of humor that she often used when dealing with them. He also
noticed that she was a decent cook, something very difficult to do on the wagon trail. Katie spent most of her day dealing
with the boys, teaching them how to read and telling them stories of adventure. Often John would find the three of them
curled up and talking or laughing. It warmed his heart that they were adjusting well to each other.

John did realize though that Katie kept a very reserve demeanor with him. He was not sure why. She was almost like ice
when he was around her, controlling her expressions and laughter. He knew that in order for them to get closer he was
going to have to break the ice. He was just not sure how he was going to do that. He was getting very attracted to her
and wanted her to start becoming his wife in every sense of the word. He was a gentle, patient man though and knew
he had to take his time.

One flaw John did noticed about Katie was that she tended to leave things out. This drove him crazy. In the evening
when he would lock everything up he would notice little things laying around the camp. John was a stickler for order
and he knew soon that he was going to have to address this with his pretty wife.

One night after a very long day he noticed Katie walk away from a few items that should have went back in the wagon.

"Katherine, go get those dishes and other utensils you left out. They have no business being left there."
Katie looked at John for a moment then replied.

"I will in a moment John, I want to go read this book that I borrowed from Jennifer before it gets dark."

Katie then went to the back of the wagon and proceeded to climb up. Before she was able to do so
John had made his way over to her and had grabbed her around the waist and stopped her in mid air.
She lay over the back of the wagon with John's hand resting on her lower back.

"Young lady I think I told you to go pick up those dishes." he said sternly.

Katie looked back at him with a surprised look in her face. John hand never touched her like this before.
She was pinned down to the back of the wagon in a very vulnerable position with her bottom almost waist
level to John.

"Let me goooo John...." Katie squirmed.

"You know Katie in this position it would be very easy for me to just take off my belt and spank that cute
little bottom of yours til you realize that when I tell you something I expect you to do it"

Katie's face burned with embarrassment. Surely he was not serious. She looked back and saw the hand on
his belt. He was very serious.

"John....you promised never to hurt me...." came a fearful reply.

He noticed that Katie lay very still over the back of the wagon. She made a pretty picture withher bottom up
in the air and his hand resting on her back.His firm hand gently rubbed her lower back. It felt good, something stirred
inside of Katie. Then to her amazement John lowered his hand to her soft bottom and began to pat it.
Taking the sting out of his words. Very gently he replied...

"And you promise to obey me Katherine..." his hand continued then to gently rub and caress her bottom. Katie
moaned. She had never felt this way before.

"Yes John I did promise...may I get down now and do it?" Katie asked timidly. John helped her down and watch
her while she put away the things he had told her to. Katie could not meet his eyes while he watched her. Something
stirred inside of her, and she was not ready to address it.

When she finished and tried to climb back into the wagon John stopped her again. He placed his hands on Katie's
shoulders and looked her in the eye.

"Katherine, I want to get something straight with you." John seriously said.

"I meant what I said, I will never hurt you dear. However, if you choose to disobey or disregard my directions I
am going to spank you, for your own good. While I have no intention of physically harming you, it will sting, and
remind you all the next day to obey me. I do not allow my children nor will I allow my wife to disobey me...is that

Katherine looked deep in John's eyes. She was actually melting inside.

She thought to herself, "This man is talking about spanking me and I am actually excited about it! Am I crazy???"

"Yes John, I understand." came a soft reply. Katie could not believe the affect John's words had on her. She
wanted to be completely submissive to him and on the other hand she felt the need to test his resolve. To see if
he would really carry out his claim. And to her sheer amazement she hoped that he would do as he had said he would.

The next day something in Katie seem to stir her to test John.

That morning when she made breakfast she intentionally left out the coffee pot. John almost tripped on it on his way
back to the wagon. He gave Katie a stern look. Katie literally giggled and ignored his look. John bent down to retrieve
the pot and put it away in the wagon. Choosing to overlook Katie's indiscretion. Later on that day Katie did the wash
and purposely left his long John's out. When he pointed to the underwear Katie acted as if she didn't see him. Again
he went to retrieve them. Setting them in the trunk and slamming the door shut in irritation. Katie giggled again. She was
having fun testing him, seeing how much he would take from her. Finally at night during dinner Katie decided to try one
more thing. Katie decided that she would ignore John by serving the boys and letting him get all his utensil and food for
himself, something that she had never down since they were married. Katie had always made a point to serve him first
and then the boys.

At first Katie didn't even think John noticed, then she looked at his expression on his face. He had a determined set to it.
The message on his face was loud and clear. "You have went to far."

Suddenly Katie tried to make up for it by cleaning up everything, and being very quiet. She put the boys to bed and
went to get her things to go bath at the river. John followed her, never saying a word. When she got there she waited
for John to turn his back so she could undress as he normally did when she bathed. He did not. Instead he went to a
near by tree stump and sat down. He looked at Katie for moment then said to her.

"Well, young lady, you know what is about to happen so come her so we can begin."

"What ever are you talking about John???" Katie asked innocently.
"Katie if I have to come get you it will not be pleasant. Get over here now!" John's voice was like a steel hand
in a velvet glove, smooth but very firm. Katie resolve to test him further was over. she walked quietly to him.
He just looked at her a moment, then said....

"You have had quiet a day young lady. Leaving things all over the place, ignoring me and then not serving me
as you always do. What is the matter with you?" John's eyes seem to look right into Katie's soul.

In the next moment he had took her over his lap. SHE whimpered.

"Nooooooo pleeeeeese John I am sorry, don't hurt meeeee" Katie kicked her feet a little but did not fight John
too much. SHE knew she had it coming, but now that it was finally going to happen she was afraid. John knew
that. He placed his hand firmly over her waist and rested his hand on her bottom patting it a little.

"Katie, stop struggling. I am not going to really hurt you. But I am going to spank you good young lady, with my
hand and with a belt. You need to know that when you decide to be a brat like today there are consequence for
your actions."

John lifted his hand and began to smack Katie's bottom very firmly over and over again. The spanks were calculated.
Most landed in the middle of her bottom. They gave Katie a good sting, but nothing excessive, after a few moments
she relaxed over his knee and began to moan from the spanking. John knew that even though he was giving her a little
pain she was trusting him and enjoying being over his lap. He suddenly pulled up her skirt, and began to spank her on
her light bloomers. SHE cried out, embarrassed that John was looking at her in this position.

"Ok John, you can stop now...pleassseee I won't tease you anymore." she pleaded. John stopped for a moment and
rested his hand on her bottom. Caressing and rubbing it again for a few moments

"Oh no Katie, I am only starting. A real spanking needs to be done properly. Sweetheart listen to me. I think you are
a beautiful woman. You have done a wonderful job taking care of the boys and tending to the cooking and chores.
However, I have noticed that you have a willfulness in you that needs to be dealt with. You have been begging me to
spank you all day, and I do not want to disappoint you." John opened up her bloomers to reveal a bare bottom turning red.
Katie squealed,

"NOOOOOOO...pleeeeseee this is too much, Johnnnn...."Katie started to cry and tremble. John took some of the
harshness away by caressing her soft red bottom but he continued to spank. This time he began to do it hard and determinedly.

"You WILL learn to obey me,,, do I make my self clear little one?!!" Fast and hard smacks came down upon her bottom.

John got up from the tree stump and took off his belt. It made a swish sound as it was pulled out. Katie cringed. He placed
her on her hands on the stump in the grass, which made her bare bottom extend straight up. She was so vulnerable to John's
sight. He thought she looked wonderful He began to spank her bottom with the strap firmly. Over and over again the strap
landed on her bottom. She could do nothing but cry and cry. All the months of pent up frustration and sorrow came out of her.
She cried like a little girl. It was very satisfying for both of them.

Finally John stopped, though Katie was not aware of it. She continued to cry. He held her for a long time comforting her and
talking softly to her. Later that night he laid her in his arms under the stars and they made love for the first time in sweet gentle
abandonment. Katie loved him with her whole heart and John adored his pretty little bride that he had found, knowing that
with her bent towards teasing and brattying that there would be many more trips over his lap in the near future.
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