Zombie Project Pt 1

I sat in the back of the library of the community college processing books. The pre-cut laminate paper was piled thick to my left and I was in the process of inserting the magnetic ***** between the pages of a book with a pair of tweezers.
“You know Sam you don’t need to be so meticulous about it.” Ann said. I didn’t look up from what I was doing.
“You act like your conducing some kind of brain surgery of something.” She said. I peeled the green plastic ***** off the other side and pressed the opposite page down covering the ***** of metal. “How are we supposed to prevent people from stealing books if they can find the strips and pull them out?” I asked with my eyebrows high.
“I’m just saying. You’re not even getting paid for this; I don’t see why you care so much.” I ran the back of the tweezers between the pages smoothing it down against the sticker. “Why shouldn’t I care? Just because its volunteer work? I use this library too you know.” She giggled at me, “I still think it’s funny you still call it volunteer work. Court appointed community service is hardly voluntary.” I glared at her and she rolled her eyes at me. We had this conversation way too many times to count. I closed the book and handed it to her. “Well I might be getting paid for my services right now if I picked better friends.”
I opened another book and picked up another *****. I heard her sigh and watched her fold the laminate in half and peel the paper off making a sticky noise.
“Girls?” I heard the librarian call. We both looked up to Mrs. Trahn and she smiled at us. “I swear if I didn’t know any better I would think you two were sisters.” She said. “Anyway, I’m headed home for the night. Ann?” she said looking at her, “Your brother called and said he wasn’t going to be able to pick you up today. Seems your mother has had some sort of accident.”
“What?” we both asked. I looked at Ann and she frowned reaching for her pocket. She pulled her cell out and looked at the screen. “Damn cell phone rules. He practically blew up my phone and I didn’t even know.” She said looking at the screen. “What’s going on?” I asked Ann. “He doesn’t say, just not to worry and he will be home later with mom.” I reached out and touched her arm. She looked worried. Ann had lost her father about a year ago and she wasn’t taking it well. She was very protective of her remaining family members.
“The hospital is close to my house.” Mrs. Trahn said. “I could drop you off.” We looked up at her. “Really?” Ann asked, “That would be awesome Ms. Trahn. Thank you so much.” Mrs. Trahn smiled. Ann started to gather her things and clean up her station. “It’s Friday.” I said looking at the clock. Ann stopped and looked at me, “And?” “You have to turn in your papers tomorrow.” She frowned at me not understanding. “To our probation officer, Ann. It’s too late to make up any of the hours; you already know you’re on bad terms with her. Remember the whole ‘don’t do the crime if you cant to the time’ speech.” I said. She heaved a heavy sigh and closed her eyes. If she skimped on her hours any more she knew she was in for even more work to do.
“Oh nonsense.” Said Mrs. Trahn. I looked up at her and Ann crossed her arms. “I’ll write it off for you. You girls are a god send to me in the first place. No matter what that stubborn judge says I know your good girls.” “Oh, really Mrs. Trahn?” asked Ann suddenly perking up. She nodded, “Now come on, let’s go.” Ann began picking up again. “No.” I said, “I’ll get it. Text me when you find out what’s wrong.” She nodded and I stood giving her a hug good bye. She bent and picked up her bag. “Sam you don’t have to stay either. You have worked plenty hard today.” Mrs. Trahn winked at me. “I’m fine, but thanks Mrs. Trahn. I’ll finish this stack and log them into the computer for you.” She smiled at me and said, “You work too hard.” I didn’t know what to say to that. It wasn’t like I had anything else to do. I had gotten kicked out of school and my family lived in across the country.
Ann was my only friend and I didn’t have a job any more. But she knew all of this and yet she still treated me like she did when I worked here for real. “I’ll be fine.” I said again. “Ok. Lock up for me then?” she asked and I nodded. We said our goodbyes and I watched them walk hurriedly out the door. I finished the books and was in the middle of logging them into the computer system when there was a scream from outside on the lawn. I looked up at everyone else in the room. A Special Ed teacher was with three students at one of the tables talking low and none of the students at the computers seemed to be fazed by it so I ignored it.
This was a college and people were constantly screaming. I clicked the button on the scanner and it beeped scanning the barcode onto the screen. I magnetized the book and set it on a trolley to my right. The girl outside screamed again. I looked up at the teacher to see if she was fazed by it. She was talking to a boy about my age and he looked completely and utterly bored. His tan Dickies were big and baggy and his white wife beater top accented his tattooed muscles nicely. I thought the mustache and goatee were a little overkill considering he had everything else playing up for him but hey whatever floats your boat, right? The girl to the teacher’s right was what every other kid in America would call the real Special Ed student.
The girl had mousey brown hair and it was hanging down over her ears in a scraggly greasy mess. She kept laying her head down on the table and humming. The teacher was continuously trying to get her to get back to work. Every once in awhile she would get angry and yell something unintelligible. The boy sitting on the opposite side of the table was defiantly not Special Ed. His name was Alex he was a freshman and I had talked to him before and I didn’t think he was retarded, maybe just a little too smart. He didn’t know what to do with all the brains he had.
He was a classic description of punk. His black hair was gelled into spikes all over his head and he wore a leather jacket with studs all over it. He had skinny black jeans on, a Grateful Dead band tee, and the biggest baddest black leather boots I’d ever seen. The only two reasons he was in Special Ed was because he slacked off and because he had absolutely no social skills what so ever. He was giving me the stink eye; but then he gave that to everyone so I didn’t take it personal. I went back to what I was doing and got three more books logged in when the girl screamed again. Only this time it didn’t sound like she was playing.
The scream was blood curdling. Goosebumps ran along my arms and I could see the little hairs on my arms standing up on end. This time I walked over to the window to see what was going on. The teacher was looking in the direction of the window and a few of the students in the room were already at the window. Most of them had produced their cell phones and were recording the scene going on outside. “Oh my god.” I heard a girl whisper.

To Be Continued...
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Jul 25, 2010