Zombie Project Pt 3

Alex was right behind me pushing Mark off.
“Get inside.” He screamed at me. I scrambled to my feet and ran for the door yanking it open, Alex yelled behind me, “Get back upstairs!” Like an idiot I stopped at the bottom of the stairs to see what he was going to do. Mark was pounding on the double doors with his fists just like the crazy man had done to the girl’s car window. Alex made to lock the doors. I could see the horde getting closer and they were all running at top speed.
“Alex.” I said a little worried. The lock clicked into place and headed for me. He grabbed hold of my hand and pulled me up the stairs. I couldn’t take my eyes off the doors. Mark was pounding on the door like it had no right to exist.
“What’s wrong with him?” I asked.
“I don’t know.” Alex said tugging me harder. I turned away from the door and we both ran up the stairs back to the library.

When we got back into the library everyone was staring at us like we had six heads. I looked down at myself and realized I had Mark’s blood all over me. My hands were covered in it and it was soaked into the knees of my jeans. Alex got to work locking the library doors too. “Is there any more doors in here, Sam?” Alex asked. I was still staring at my hands. What was going on? Mark had lost way too much blood to have the energy to pound on the door like that. And where was his pulse?
“Sam!” Alex shouted he stepped in front of me and leaned into my face. I blinked at him, “Uh, what?”
“Is there any more doors in or out of here?” he snapped.
“Uh…” I tried to think. I was about to shake my head but then I nodded and went to Mrs. Trahn’s office. I pointed to the book case against the wall.
“Behind that bookcase. There’s a door to the hallway. Mrs. Trahn covered it up too many people were coming in and out without checking out books.” Alex started pushing the book case out of the way to see if it was locked and I went for the bathroom in the Mrs. Trahn’s office. I washed my hands until they were rubbed raw and splashed some cold water on my face. When I was finished I went back out to see what was going on with everyone else.
Everyone was huddled around a computer and I went over to see what they were looking at.
They were watching YouTube.
“What are you doing?” I asked. Alex turned to me from the seat in front of the computer and said.
“It’s happening all over. There are no news reports about it but people are posting videos of what’s happening all over the place. Look at this.” he said clicking on a video.
“It’s not just here. It’s all over the world.” I looked to the screen.
There were thousands of people on the screen and you could hear gun shots in the back ground. The people yelling were speaking some Arabic language and wearing robes and turbans. Alex clicked on another video. This one looked like it was filmed in someone’s apartment. There was a small Asian girl hanging out her window, pointing and yelling at something on the street. The camera zoomed in on her face and then the cameraman leaned out the window also. Down on the street a bunch of people were being mauled to death and the street was in complete chaos. The girl said something and pushed the cameraman back into the window.
Alex clicked another video. This one was a grainy video of a woman being ripped apart in the middle of her driveway. The people who killed her leaned in and appeared to be eating her. They stood and roared like the man outside of the library and then took off down the street after a passing car. The cameraman zoomed in on the woman. “Is she okay, daddy?” a little girl asked. He shushed her, “Go back to your room, baby.” The camera stayed on the woman in her drive way.
A couple of seconds passed and the woman on the ground sat up. The parts of her that should have been on her insides slid off and pooled onto the ground. She looked around and then seemed to be sniffing the air. Another car drove past the window and the woman watched it with extreme curiosity. She stood up and her insides fell to the ground. I heard someone behind me gag and a woman on the video in the background gasped. That poor woman how could she still be alive? She was literally empty on the inside and she took off down the street after the car her intestines trailing behind her like wet red ribbons. The camera zoomed in as far as it could on her and then the video ended. Alex didn’t click another one.
“What’s happening?” the teacher asked. We all looked at her. She was the grown up wasn’t she supposed to know these things. There was a crash like shattering glass down the hall and we all jumped.
“Oh god. They broke down the door.” I looked at the library doors. “We have to do something or that’s going to happen to us.” I said. Looking back at the other students I could see they were terrified. Some of them were trying to make phone calls again. I went to the book shelf by the door and tried to push it towards the door.
“Ugh. Someone help me!” I shouted. Alex came over and helped push the book case. We shoved it in front of the library doors and started on a second one. Jose went to the book case on the opposite side and started pushing it towards the doors. As soon as Jose moved most of the other students began to help also.
Some of them were too freaked out to speak. After we covered the doors we began to push the tables up against the book cases. We covered the windows lining the doors up with book cases so no one could see through them. The only teacher in the room decided she was going to do some more research on what was happening.
“Look at this.” she said to us. We all clustered around her and she played another video.
There was a man who looked to be in his thirties.
“Okay.” He said into the camera.
“So these people seem to be dying and then coming back to life. I know this is going to sound stupid but they’re like zombies. Watch this.” The camera moved around and then he settled it on a stand. He stepped back and picked up a gun that looked like the kind soldiers used. He set the gun back down and moved the camera to the window. The barrel of the gun was pointed out side. You could see the crazy people milling around on the street outside of his apartment. They walked between cars and now that I thought about it they did look like zombies. They were covered in blood and all dead looking. A couple of them were lying on the ground in puddles of blood with their heads gone. The gun fired and one of the zombies fell to the ground. A couple of second later he got back up and was walking around again. The gun fire attracted the zombies to the building he was in and they clustered around the wall beneath his window.

“Okay.” The man said. “So that was a shot to the torso. It doesn’t seem to affect them much. But…” the gun fired on the same man and his head exploded in a red burst.
“Shoot them in the head and they go down.” He said. He shot a couple more just to prove his point and none of them got back up. Then he pulled his gun back in and turned the camera towards him.
“There is some of them in the hall way but they don’t seem to know how to open doors. But as you can see,” he pointed the camera at the zombies beneath his window.
“They are attracted to the sounds we make. I’m not sure if they can smell us though. The ones in the hallway seemed to lose interest in me when I stopped making noise. There was a banging on his door and he looked up. “I know that thing isn’t going to hold forever, hopefully by then I will have figured a way out of here. It doesn’t look like any one is coming to rescue us. So, I hope I’ve helped someone out there. This will be my last video.” He looked sad, “I just wanted to say I love you Rebecca and I’m sorry I had to do that to you.” he started to get all choked up and he covered his face. A couple of seconds later he composed himself. “But I know I will see you again.” he chuckled. “Probably sooner than later considering the circumstances.” The banging began to grow louder and he looked up away from the camera sighing. He looked back down again, “I just hope when it does happen to me, someone has the decency to put me out of my misery. IceSolider23 out.” He gave the peace sign and the video ended.
“So we have to shoot them in the head?” someone asked incredulously. A boy scoffed, “Yeah we shoot them in the head with our invisible guns.”
“Hey!” the teacher said. “It looks like we’re in this together from here on out so I don’t want any one starting random fights over nothing.”
“Man, come on.” Jose said, “Why should I listen to you, huh?” Everyone turned toward the teacher waiting for her response. Why should we listen to her? I mean, yeah she was a teacher but that didn’t mean anything. She was a Special Ed teacher that was practically one step up from being the actual librarian if not on the same step. And I was the one who went to help Mark. She just stood there with a deer in the headlights look. Kind of like the look she was giving Jose now.
“Yeah.” piped up one of the girls in the front. “I want to go home.” She tried her cell phone again looking at the teacher.
“Yeah.” A couple of other students agreed. I looked to Alex.
“Me too. How do we get out of here?” said a bigger guy.
“Okay look.” I said. “If you want to leave then fine, but if those people out there really are zombies how far do you think you’re going to get? You saw what happened to Mark. What makes you think you can get farther than him?” I asked them. A couple of them shrugged.
A girl shook her head, “I don’t care, I need to get out of here. I have a daughter. I need to pick her up from daycare still. I need to get her out of there.”
“Yeah, and what about our parents?” asked another girl. “I want to leave.
Jose shook his head, “Man you guys are loco.” He went to sit down on one of the reading couches. A couple of people headed towards the blockade we had in front of the library doors.
“Wait.” I said. A few of them ignored me.
“Wait.” I repeated.
“Stop.” I told them. They looked up at me expectantly. “I don’t care if you want to leave or not, okay. But don’t move that stuff. If all of you leave then the people who want to stay will have to put it all back.” I walked towards Mrs. Trahn’s office. “Go this way.” I told them. They followed me and I began to push the book case out of the way. It was too heavy and the bigger guy helped me move it. I peeked out the rectangular window in to the hallway and I couldn’t see any of them. I turned back to the people in the room wanting to leave.
“Ok it’s clear.” I unlocked the door and quietly turned the knob to open it.
“Good luck.” I said I pushed the door open out in to the hall way and the student filed out.
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Jul 29, 2010