I Have Lost All Love For Writing.

Why? Why? Has anyone ever felt this before. There is this empty space where my soul used to thrive on words and characters and stories. And it's all gone. It's all f*cking gone. 
This is not Writer's Block. I've had that before. It's as if at this moment I have the creativity to write anything but then after a paragraph of complete randomness, I have to explain it and make it into something deep and beautiful. I have to make it into a whole world. Just the idea of that used to excite me to no end. Because it meant infinite possibilities. And now it only means infinite blank pages, infinite helplessness and despair.
This is no Writer's Block. 
This is Author's Cube 2.0. 
There's an app for that.
saverwaver saverwaver
18-21, T
Aug 6, 2010