Love To Write, For Work And Play

I'm a designer, but I love to write...go figure. I've enjoyed writing just for fun since I was in grade school, and since then I have written quite a bit. Currently, I've got a huge folder of both old and recent writings on my laptop...fiction, nonfiction and poetry. In addition, I maintain a rant essay website that caters to a specific lifestyle choice, a blog which I rant on a lot about my life just to blow off steam, I write and digitally publish fanfiction, and I post to several forums. What can I say? I like to write.

I also write for a little extra money. I do freelance writing for online clients and I've written well over 200 articles for several folks. I actually enjoyed writing research papers and psychology journals in college because it gave me the chance to not only write, but have an idea of what to write about. Sometimes I wonder if I'd have a better chance at making a living off writing than off artwork.
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Sure, I don't mind. :)<br />
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I'm on, under the name Cambion, and I'm on and (for work). I'm also on LiveJournal and on; I'm a little iffy about releasing my usernames on these last two places because the material on each account may offend people (angry ranting, lots of foul language, etc.)

Are you comfortable with letting people know any sites you write on? Fanfiction for example? I understand if you don't, but I has a curious. :D