The Irrational Cocoon

People wonder how I come up with these storied I have when I comment on EP, long winded stuff... it's because I am a writer. Just to show you that I am... I'll volunteer a story that I published... so, you you know I am actually am a writer... tis is one of the reare ones that actually received praize from not only readers but writers, too... hope you like it... (Everything I write usually has a hidden meaning... and can actually be beneficial to EP...IF YOU LOOK CLOSELY!)

This story was inspired by a short story from Roger Zelazny.

The Irrational Cuccoon

There was a flash in my mind while I slept. I dreamt of myself going to work doing all the normal things I do for preparation. My suit was on with Johnston and Murphy's on my feet.

Another long day at the office. I thought, as I turned on the television.

"...and next up, we'll have a forecast for you..."

I wasn't listening to it. Since I was running late, I turned it off and left.

I went to my car and lit my customary cigarette. Turning the ignition on and putting it in reverse, I put my foot down and swerved the car, then drove to the road pavement waiting for the traffic to give me a break. There was a woman and a child on the other side. Her husband was yelling from the house door and the mother wasn't paying attention.

The little girl ran out into the street!

Instinctively, I put the car in park. Time seemed to slow down. I ran in "normal" motion after opening the door and looked at the traffic. And, there was a semi!

With no hesitation, I ran to the girl. And, just about when I grabbed her, I realized that I wasn't going to reach safe distance. I stared at the semi. Just before it hit me, I had another flash and woke up.


There was no emotion in my nightmares. They just happened. They came periodically when sleeping.

About six years prior to now, I had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. I had a psychotic break. It was normal at that time to see a large lizard on my television set. Sometimes people sat next to me talking, but I knew they weren't there. Unfortunately, I'd catch myself talking back to those imaginary, but very real people. My eyes would follow the lizard as it would walk to the floor...

After persuasion from friends and family, I went in a psychiatric hospital under voluntary admission and was released. The visions faded and my meds were dropped. I was functional, again.

But, I still had weird nightmares.


I rose from bed and showered, had breakfast and dressed, and turned on the television.

"...and next up, we'll have a forecast for you..."

Running late I turned it off and went to work. As I pulled out of the parking lot, I saw a woman and a child on the otherside of the street.

That's odd? I thought.

The husband was yelling and the woman was not paying attention. The little girl ran out into the street. I parked the car and got out and saw the semi. As in my dream I ran to the girl, tried to throw her to the screaming mother and watched in horror of the eventual death of myself.

There was a flash in my mind, but this time I was awake. My heart pounded in my chest! I felt no impact!

The semi was standing still. Everything was still. The cars were not moving. The little girl was just out of reach from my arms. The semi happened to be inches from me.


Very slowly, the world went backwards with me caught in it.

I was running backwards. The little girl was doing the same. The husband's yelling was in reverse.

With no control over my actions in a cocoon, of sorts, I went back into my car and the cigarette came up from the pavement and back into my mouth! Lit! I pulled back into my parking spot. Out of thin air, smoke came back into my lungs, and I took back my lighter and the cigarette, unlit, after growing slightly in proportion like new. I put it back into my pack and left my car walking backwards into my apartment.

What in the hell?

"...ouy rof tsacerof a evah ll'ew, pu txen dnA." The television told me as I turned it "on", then "off."

I regurgitated my breakfast and watched the clock go backwards. My naked body went into the shower after I used the towel to place the water back on me, turned it "on" and, after becoming dry and unclean, the water went back into the showerhead. I turned it "off." Then I went to bed and fell back to sleep.

There was a flash in my mind, again!

Morning came again and it was the same day. The clock was going forward. The first thing that popped into my mind was I had a psychotic break. I couldn't control myself as I repeated the morning.

But, I wasn't going to take any chances. I tried to change events so I would be there at that occasion, but found myself showering and having breakfast exactly as I had done before.

I turned on the TV, then off after I found myself dressing and went to the parking lot. I tried, in vain, to stop myself from having that smoke, but it was no use. As before, my car was waiting to turn on the street.

I saw the same woman and small girl doing the exact same thing. My first instinct, to change the reoccurring events, was to open the window to hear what was going on, but the cocoon wouldn't let me.

I wonder if I can bend this thing?

The girl let go of the woman's hand and I was just opening the door when I heard her say, "Samantha! Come back!" I ran into the street, picked up the girl and threw her to her mother. I noticed her arms opened wide as she saw me. The girl was almost clear of the semi when I turned to see it's grill.

There was another flash in my mind!

The world stopped and went in reverse.

The woman said, "kcab emoC, ahtnamaS!"

I went back into the car, I realized I had pushed the cocoon, slightly. I felt that was a good sign, yet, I was still going backwards.

I put the unlit cigarette back into it's package and went backwards into my apartment, helplessly. I repeated, backwards, everything I had done!

When I was in bed, again, the flash happened!

In the "cocoon", a name I gave it, I made myself ready for work. I concentrated on pushing my casing, but it was extremely stiff at that time, but remembered, near the time of the incident, it was weaker. So, I did everything exactly the same way, waiting for the girl to show up.

When it was time, I ran out of the car, hearing the woman's call to her child. I concentrated on bending the casing with my mind until it hurt. Air brakes hissed. I saw the grill and the impact--

I was going backwards again.

This has got to stop! I told myself. Even though I knew I would die, I had to save the girl somehow. If I used all my concentration at that point, maybe I could go further.

My backward body repeated the procedure and I felt the cocoon becoming tighter as I went through the unusual events until I was back in bed.

The clock was going forward again when I awoke. I watched everything I did and, deliberately, felt the cocoon weakening as I found myself in my car with the lit cigarette. The mother turned and the girl went into the street. I was out of the car and in front of the semi?


Something changed. I was watching everything from above!

In this new perspective, I saw myself grabbing the girl and throwing the child to her mother. With my mind set with fierce concentration, waiting to see more, I saw the child clear the semi and my body bounced off the grill of the flat bed truck. I saw the girl fall into her mother's arms and they fell backwards on the grass. My head hit the pavement and I found by body under the cab.

The driver opened his door saying, "Oh, my God!" He motioned for the traffic behind his rig to back up and as the other drivers realized the accident, he backed up his cab and went to me.


The was no flash when I woke in a hospital bed with IV,s and monitors around me.


I looked in the direction of the voice.

"You're awake!" The nurse told him.

"What happened?" I asked. "How much damage? I thought I was going to die!"

"Far from it, kiddo! You're a hero, saving that little girl's life like you did. You have bumps and bruises, and a large bump on the head, but there seems to be no sign of a concussion. It's kind of amazing for being hit by a truck? You must have a Guardian Angel!"

The nurse left and my eyes became heavy.

For once in a very long time, I had no nightmares.

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