Am I The Only One?

whenever i write a story i never finish it. i always promise myself that i will this time everytime i start a new one but never do. i get a creative idea about a topic and then i start writing, after about 5-10 chapters i get stuck and can't think of anything. so then i start something new and the process starts again. i even know how i'm going to end it but never what happens next...

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2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

I know what you mean. I've been writing for fun for seven years, and there's only one story that I even consider remotely finished (editing is now firmly compulsive for me now :). Don't worry about it! Keep it all, re-read it, flesh out the characters, but above all just enjoy it! For me, writing comes from the characters of the emotional mood of the story, and yes, sometimes due to my lack of personal experience I just can't figure out what happens next. Do you have someone to read your stuff? When I hit a block I have my sister read it- and I do the same for her; a fresh perspective can help. I can't do that with everything, because showing someone else my work makes me nervous sometimes, but maybe it would help for you?

You should use the info you have already written and create a "book proposal." Most people don't realize that you can get a book contract...and a nice "advance" check from a publisher when you submit a book proposal, which consists of: one page summary, two sample chapters, author bio and a marketing plan. When you get a contract and a check from a publisher ($5,000 and up), it's a great incentive to keep writing. I am the author of 34 books and have worked as a ghostwriter on numerous projects. Feel free to contact me at johnriddle(at) to learn more.