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I write stores for children in care homes or that are ill and need chering up, sometimes it may take me 2 monthes to write one but you know,.. Its worth it when you see there faces when your reading them to them they look so happy and.. I dont know All i know is it makes me feel good and them feel good and I like to know that I had the chance to grant them what could tern out to be there one last wish and that of a chiled,. as everyone knows Is they love stories, And im happy and prowed to give them that,.../

I have never got the  stories I write out in the open. [produce them] cuz that way I make the children feel more special, And I love that, what can I say... I like helping people,...

And every time I walk in to the home for orphans or the childrens departent in the hospital its like,Yea [Kerry]is here and shes got a story yea,The only thing I dont like is sometimes they loose a chiled [dies] and Its kinda hard to think that you just sore his little face looking up at you while your reading and hes gone the next but as long as hes happy, and safe where they are now.. and even some times If a friend of theres pases away the nerses ask me to write a story about him cuz the other children dont understand, so I make up a story about that he had to go and save a prinses or, he had to go to space.....It keeps them happy and calm and reminds them of him or her...

I enjoy what I do and as long as it makes a diference Im happy..Love and light to all,Phoenix xxx

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i think is good.....

People like you make the world a better place !

Yes, who more than the suffering need comfort; especially children. Thank you for making the world a better place.

no eve thank you for being there when I needed you and to help bring back the love and light, in to my life,.<br />
Love and huggs phoenix xx

Wow, the world needs more people like you. I think it's wonderful what you do, I could never do it, I'm too shy and I just couldn't bear the idea that the next time one of them would not be there, I'm very attached.<br />
But thank god there're people like you, willing to make the world a better place doing their part to enlight those who suffer and make them happier.<br />
<br />
Thank you