My Un Understandable Story

imbecile-don't know what's the spelling of imbecile, I check the spell check for that. LOL 

I don't know how your head runs
I'm sure you didn't get what I mean
I'm very sure I am misunderstood

How do you get my point?
What can you say?
How do you understand it?


friendlycat friendlycat
26-30, F
2 Responses Aug 20, 2011

Do not pull any punches and just say what is on your lovely mind .I would love to hear it.

"How do you get my point?<br />
What can you say?<br />
How do you understand it?"<br />
<br />
By being dangerously cute :3<br />
I can say i m here ^-^<br />
By gazing at your beauty i will just love it and accept it no matter what :P