The Printer.

It was mid-spring, a hotter day and I decided to wear a black sundress with sunflowers on it. I was at work, my usual place at my desk. From my desk I can see everyone walk in the door and with the opening of the door my eyes look up to see who comes in, just hoping it's David. I look up and with a disappointed sigh, it's just another mail man. Although he is 24 years older than me, I'm pretty sure he sees how bad I want him, bending over in front of him to show him my big boobs, talking to him and biting my lip wishing ours could touch. Just wanting to feel my fingernails dig into his back as he ***** me in his hotel room, I wanted him bad. "Jacee!" I heard my name coming from my bosses office, I ran in to see what she wanted, "I'm going to run to the bank and the post office, I need you to make copies of the applications and drug screens, you're going to be the only one here, can you handle it?" Having had to stay and work full days by myself I knew I could do it, "yea, I can". She walked out of the door and I began making copies, sat back at my desk and looked through my iTunes playlists. The door opened and another student, Nick, walked in. Although I could tell he liked me, he was odd and I didn't find him attractive. He talked to me and then went to the restroom. The copy machine started beeping and there was a paper jam. I tried to get it out but it was stuck, Nick came out and went outside. All of a sudden arms reached around me and started grabbing at the paper, startled, I turn around and realized I was in David's arms. He pulled out the paper and kissed my lips. "You don't know how bad I want you," he said. "Well, the feeling's mutual," I could barely get the words out because I was shaking so bad. He kissed me neck and cupped my, already soaked, *****. "Classroom?" I grabbed his hand and led him back to the classroom, shut and locked the door. He started kissing my deeply and started rubbing the slit of my *****, spread my ***** lips and rubbed my ****. He patted the desk, "sit up here" so I did he pushed me back and spread my legs open, pulled off my panties and started licking my *****. He started with my **** and shoved his tongue in my tight little ****. I felt his stick two fingers in my ***** and started sucking and licking my ****. He continued fingering me "I don't want you to *** without asking me." I moaned loud, "yes sir." He started fingering faster, licking harder and I felt him stick his pinky in my ***. I let out a loud moan, "please let me ***! Please let me ***!!" He stopped and pulled his fingers out, "I want you to *** hard on my ****." He pulled his pants off and he was so big, bigger than I had imagine. He was probably 9 inches and very thick. He held my legs opened and shoved it deep in my *****, I moaned and then he did, he started ******* my tight, wet ***** deep and fast, I felt him start throbbing and he started rubbing my ****. "Can I ***?!" "You can *** when I tell you," it felt like forever. "I can't hold it anymore!" I started ******* and felt him *** in me. He moaned and collapsed on me. "Good job baby," he kissed me and ate my ***** again, causing me to *** again. He slapped my ***** hard and walked out the door. I got up and put my panties back on and went back out to fix the copier.
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Oh you naughty little minx... :)

HOT! Love the story and your writing style.... would love to hear more like this from you!