The After Math.

The smell of your skin lingers on mine. The taste of you lips are still on mine; a mixture of cherry Coke and Copenhagen. The sting on my heart sets in, it's way worse than I thought it was going to be. I didn't even see it coming, honestly. We were just sitting there talking and all of a sudden, our lips touched and the spark between them was one I have never felt. They longed for each other, the were like magnets, they couldn't get away from each other. The way your hand searched my body and the way you lips traced every part of my body. I never knew something so naughty could feel this good. Even though I was extremely attracted to you, I didn't think you felt the same way. I knew you thought I was pretty and deserved much better than what I had, but the way it happened just caught me way off guard. "Jon's sick, and so we haven't really kissed in the past week, but even before that he never really kissed me." I may just be a little on the naive side, but I really didn't think that would stir up anything. He leaned in fast, saying, "so he never does this?" And he kissed me, a deep passionate, longing kiss and just needed to go a little further. "Where are your turn-on spots?" He asked. I found myself pulling back my hair, not purposely and he knew, he started kissing my neck, little light kisses and deep kisses, he moved up to my ear, and I could hear that his breathing was heavy and with every exhale of breath in my ear, it pushed my more and more over the edge until, I just couldn't take it anymore! I was finally to the spot where there's no turning back. I started to tease him and rubbed his huge bulge. He unbuttoned his pants and I felt his unfamiliar girth, it wasn't as wide as I was use to, but it was way longer. He continued kissing me and pushed me, gently, back against his passenger-side door, he pulled off my pink, silky panties and pulled my lips apart. His tongue was an unfamiliar feeling slapping my clitoris fast, and his three fingers fit perfectly in my ****. I pulled him towards me, he knew what I wanted. He gently slipped it in and he started his business. His lips on my neck and his manhood in me. I had never felt pleasure like this, I started moaning uncontrollably and saw him smiling, I realized that I was smiling back at him. It had been a while since I had done that, smiled. He came and he started kissing my mouth, I felt him enter me again and he continued to thrust into me. I felt him start to flick my button with his finger making sure that I climax once more, after my two already. I came and I felt him pull out. We both sat up, next to each other and held each other for a little while longer, holding onto the moments we had together..they were so short. He leaned in a kissed me one last time and I said I had to go before people started wondering where I was. He kissed me again and I jumped out of his truck.

I hope that me and him get more chances like that. I hope that we have more time to get to know each other. I hope that things happen for the best in both of our situations.
beautifulbaby069 beautifulbaby069
22-25, F
Nov 26, 2012