A Little Something, I Just Wrote.

Well... it seems everything has slipt away,

in this lonely world of ours

nothing seems the same,

and I can't stand this pain

I feel sad so often now

But it seems the door reminds shut

and nothing seems the same

Vipy Vipy
26-30, F
2 Responses Jul 11, 2007

I am afraid that I am destined to be alone in this world, since no one would probably even want to my boyfriend. I had a boyfriend once when I was sixteen, but he turned out to be a jerk. Not like that alone matters, I don't want kids and many guys just want sex nowadays also my dad and priest as well say that marriage means you want children so I can't have more then a boyfriend. Though actually... also according to my priest having a boyfriend is sinful, since you will be paying more attention to them and not to God anymore from my priest tell me... this is why I know I am doomed to Hell. I never had this "love" before... so what's that? I only had suffering, pain, misery, and got treated like an outcast my whole life...

You must remember to fully Love the Breath of Life & Love within you. It will sustain you, protect you, and continue to give you reasons to keep going...when it all seems like rusty air. Let it open up that dry well, you Dear Spirit.<br />
You need the pure waters of the Earth and the Creator to wash you back awake. And you need to know that only Love without fear creates a new future when the spirit is right! Much Love & Many Blessings, livingwell