True Story (part 3)

What happened the last two episodes: (Episode 1) Craig was thrown into a black hole after ruining an experiment on Starbucks coffee. (Episode 2) He popped up in a large elevator and met a member of the alien species Crison, who tells him about the GC (Galactic Community). After a lively discussion, both of them pop up into their destinations...
   ...Suddenly I felt cooling mist on my forehead. It felt good after the stuffy conditions in the black hole. The cooling mist obscured my vision, but I could faintly make out that I was in a swamp with many large trees. I took off my shirt, rolled the Starbucks cup in it, and started to stumble through the swamp with no sense of where I was at all. I slowly made progress through the swamp, resting on a tree every once in a while. At one tree, I leaned on a large bump. This action was followed by loud humming, which I reacted to by running. I was immediately followed by a large swarm of mean-looking insects, which ceased to follow me only when I tripped and fell into a large pool, which was inhabited by a creature which had a pear-shaped body, four legs tipped with insect-like feet, a small bird's beak, small, beady black eyes, and what looked like leaves on top of its head. I ran until I hit a tree, where I rested, caught my breath, and waited for my heart to stop pounding. When it finally settled, a rustle sounded behind me, and my heart pounded again. I whipped around and saw a creature that looked like Yoda's cousin with an afro. "Are you Yoda's cousin with an afro?" I asked, "Because you scared me to death." The alien cocked its head, as if it was thinking, and said, "Who's Yoda?"
   "He's this green guy from Star Wars."
   "What's Star Wars?"
   "A weird movie."
   "What's a movie?"
   "A moving picture." Apparently satisfied, the Yoda-thing started walking away. I panicked. "Wait!" Yoda's cousin turned around. "What?" he said in an irritated voice. I blurted, "Don't you have somewhere you live, like a tree-hut?"
   "Duh," said the Yoda-guy, who muttered something like, "Shiga." I guess this was an insult. Yoda moved quickly through the swamp, with me following, panting like a tired dog. After what seemed like an eternity of climbing, crawling, jumping, and running, we came to a stop. Yoda (I kind of got used to calling him that) pulled aside a few leaves to reveal a door. He walked in (I crawled). We entered a small, stuffy room. Tiny furniture that I wouldn't fit on was scattered around the room, like Yoda had gone furniture shopping and just put everything in random places. There was a hole in the wall that provided a view of the swamp (even though the view was blocked by mist). A repulsive smell filled the room. It was coming from the kitchen area. "Do you want some food?" the creature asked as he headed for the smelly pot. "What is it?" I asked, kind of afraid to know. "This is a specialty of mine, Fried Gitor swamp-insect soup," said Yoda proudly, as he put a spoon inside. When he pulled it out, a repulsive vomit-like, green, thick liquid overflowed out of the spoon. "No thanks, I'm fine," I said. Yoda shrugged and gobbled down the contents of the soup. I watched him, resisting the urge to vomit. Finally, thankfully, mercifully, Yoda finished (I thought I was going to die). "Is there any way to get off of this planet?" I asked, praying silently. The alien looked at me and smiled. "Only by a thousand-year-old ship." My hope wasn't brought down when he said this. In fact, it escalated. I was eager to leave this sick planet. "Where is the ship?"
   "Follow me," said Yoda, and without further to do we descended down a dug-in staircase into an underground chamber. It was dark, but through the half-light I could see a small pod. "It looks like Sputnik," I said kind of rudely. This comment was immediately followed by, "Who's Sputnik?"
   "It's a spaceship."
   "Humans build spaceships?
   "Yup," I said, proud to impress somebody. The pride deflated when Yoda said, "I thought humans haven't invented the wheel yet."
   Yoda opened the pod door, and I clambered inside. The interior was cool, so I unwrapped the Starbucks cup, put on my wrinkled shirt, and put the Starbucks cup next to me. Then I took in my surroundings. There was a lot of shock-absorbing stuff, with a small dashboard in front of me. There was a bunch of switches, a joystick, and a monitor showing what was going on in front of the pod. Under the seat was a bunch of magnetic stuff that made my seat float. The shock-absorbing objects and floating chair bothered me. There were air-compressed sticks behind my chair that slowly moved back with a hissing sound if I threw myself against the chair. There was one in front, too. Also were two crossing seatbelts that buckled in on both sides of me. I looked at the monitor and saw Yoda at a keyboard. He held up his hand and counted down from five. Five...four...I buckled my seatbelt...three...Yoda pressed a button on the keyboard. The ground above me opened up, showing a clear night sky through the falling dirt.
   There was suddenly a hissing sound behind me, and I felt like I was being pushed by strong hands. Everything seemed to freeze on the monitor for a moment. Suddenly I saw a breathtaking view of the swamp planet, covered in trees and nothing else. There was a hissing sound in front of me as the pressure stopped, and my body lurched forward, only to have the seatbelts hold me in place, cutting into my shoulders. The pressure started again, and suddenly I was in space, floating there. A horrible thought struck me at that moment. Didn't Yoda enter the coordinates? What if he put me in a place that I didn't like? I touched the Starbucks cup for comfort. It was my only friend, my only earthly possession as we hurtled to our unknown destination...

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