True Story (part 4)

What's happened so far... (Episode 2) After traveling in an elevator/black hole, (Episode 3) Craig land on a swamp planet. He meets "Yoda," an alien that looks like Yoda's cousin with an afro. Craig and "Yoda" go to "Yoda's" hut, where Craig leaves the planet in a thousand-year-old spaceship that looks like Sputnik. We left off when Craig was hurtling toward an unknown destination...
   ...My mind raced as time seemed to stop, lurch, stop, lurch, stop, lurch, etc. The only thing I could think about was the unknown destination I was hurtling to. And one nagging thought kept tugging at my worried mind: hadn't Yoda been chuckling when he launched my ship? Or had I imagined it? For the hundredth time, I glanced at the Starbucks cup. The woman on the logo comforted me so much. I was starting to get bored; all I could see on the monitor was blackness, broken occasionally by a planet or star. There's nothing to look at, I thought, might as well see what this does. I flicked a switch. The monitor turned white, and an alien's face popped up. "OH MY DOG!" I yelled, my heart beating like crazy, fingers white as they gripped the seat. The thing's face was covered in tentacles. Glistening, slimy tentacles. The alien's mouth was on one of them, like a trunk. Two darting stalks were at the top of the head, eyes at the bulbous top. Its nose was exactly like an elephant's. The alien turned away for a second, speaking in shrieks and yells. A voice, speaking the same language, answered, and the alien turned back to me. It spoke (in bad English):
   "You are under arrest for breaking law 54627, SubSection T, Yeptoric 49o, Grapleg 87.59.029, SubSubUberSubSection 65-9-P, paragraph 42. This clearly states that all trespassers in Xorg territory with 1000-year-old vehicles will be arrested. Law 32768, SubSection V, Yeptoric 56Z, Grapleg 59.84.652, SubSubUberSubSection 79-8-Y, paragraph 57 clearly states that organisms polluting valuable Timespace will be executed depending on the severity of the pollution. You have used up five years of Timespace and therefore are arrested. Vehicles that use up Timespace create empty matter and might harm the universe. Scientists have not yet figured out how to fill Timespace. One of the newest laws, law 672167455975521276, Grapleg 3.141592654, states that all vehicles must use Hyperspace. To conclude, we shall shut down your electricity systems. Wait for us!" The monitor went black again, though this time it wasn't speckled with stars. After being plunged in darkness for a while, I remembered a big red button next to the joystick. I fumbled around and pressed it. The lights turned on and the monitor came up.
   "Manual mode on," said a cool voice. It then showed a rectangle that was one-fourth white, three-fourths black. Under it in large white letters read: GASOLINE. The screen changed again, showing two choices:
1) Switchshift= Flick a switch.
2) Automatic= Move the control stick.
   I moved the joystick and the monitor showed a simulated image of my spaceship. I pressed forward and a blast of fire came out from behind my ship. It pushed forward. Ha! I was escaping! I had fooled the Xorg! But my hopes deflated when I saw that I was almost out of gas. The screen started flashing: DANGER! APPROACHING SHIP! I yelled in frustration and slammed my head on the dashboard. The top slid back to reveal a box with a button on it. A secret compartment! Maybe the box could be useful. I slipped it into my pocket and glanced at the screen. A simulated image of the Xorg ship loomed behind me, and I felt growing dread. The ship was majestic, with many pods, columns, and tubes. It was all curves, no angles. Apparently in space, round was futuristic too. There was a jolt as a mechanical arm grabbed my ship. It started to pull me in, toward an opening area on the ship. I was plunged into darkness for a second. There was a thud as the opening of the ship closed, and a hissing sound filled the air. Suddenly, blinding light filtered in, showing a large hangar through an opening that was getting wider each second. I was raised into the hangar, and I gasped as I saw the spectacle above me. It was like walking into the largest dome on Earth, and doubling it a few times. Catwalks were everywhere, looking like a spider's web around the large dome. Columns rose up to the top of the dome. Ships were coming in through holes in the floor everywhere; they also flew above toward landing pads high up. I noticed a group of Xorgs coming toward my ship. They opened the door, unstrapped me, handcuffed me, (the handcuffs had at least seven holes for arms) and led me toward the exit, while all the time I begged for my Starbucks cup. They just ignored me and led me down a hall, left into another one, right, left, left, right...
   I tried to remember all this, just in case I escaped, but I forgot. We finally turned right into what looked like a court room/theater. A large number of Xorgs sat in the seats, and at the front, in front of an immense desk, was a judge Xorg. My captors led me toward a box, where I stood nervously in front of the judge. He coughed, straightened his official-looking papers, and said:
   "You, Craig of Earth the Uninformed and the Newcomer, have committed the following crimes: using up 5 years of valuable Timespace, flying a dangerous, long expired spaceship belonging to the version Sputnik IV, serial number 53092... when informed that you were arrested, you tried to run away, further polluting the universe with invisible smoke. For these crimes, not including the Timespace one, you would have earned a punishment of 7 standard galactic years. But, you also violated use of Timespace, which gives you a sentence of...execution."
   I felt like I was going to faint. A vein in my head pounded, making the area seem to shake with each throb, giving me a headache. My hands shook. The Xorg judge continued, "Your title is now Craig of Earth the Uninformed and Newcomer, to be Doomed..."

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Feb 22, 2009