I need help with thinking of a name for this story I’m currently writing. This is not the full summary of the story, just a portion of it. The plot revolves around a journalist named Vince McClatchy who just recently killed his wife and son by starting a house fire. It is revealed that Vince was having an affair with his colleague Angela Hilton, who is pregnant with his child that’s soon to be due, and thought it would be better to restart his marriage and family with someone younger and low tempered. However, with the police breathing down his neck Vince finds it hard being able to move forward from this tragic incident that he motioned. On the day that Angela gives birth to his newborn son, Osteen, Vince has a sudden mental breakdown when he is terrorized by visions of his previous son’s burned corpse. When Vince recovers, he claims that he doesn’t need any help, even though the doctors and Angela insist on it. For the remaining six days of the week, Vince is tormented by the visions of his dead son, which makes Angela refuse to take his hand in marriage until he’s found help. When Vince goes over to Angela’s house to see Osteen one night, he begins to feel guilty for his actions and starts thinking about turning himself in. While singing a lullaby to Osteen in his bedroom, he noticed his son’s cradle slowly beginning to catch on fire that appeared out of thin air and engulfs Osteen. As Vince rushes to help his son, he notices something. Osteen isn’t burned. Instead he is playfully laughing and smiling while the fire consumes his little body. The fire quickly spreads through the room and slowly devours Angela’s apartment causing the two to flee and forcing them to leave Osteen behind. As the fire is dealt with, Vince finds Osteen lying in his badly burned cradle, untouched. Vince finds a cryptic message on the floor which was written by the fire saying, “You’ll soon know what it feels like, daddy.”
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Aug 23, 2014