Oh Look

Now I have another group to come and write at when I'm bored/drunk/tired.

So i guess I should warn you all that my Josie is now running after some crazy ***** called Esther. Normally this doesn't worry me as Josie can look after herself in a fight. But Esther is one ******* crazy *****. Really not one to be messing with. The number of murders Esther has committed is insane.

I should really prevent Josie from going after Esther. But when I tried to stop her earlier, Josie got really pissy, and even started snorting and even clawed me in her attempts to get away.

Josie is a fighter, and I'd have full faith in her fighting abilities in her to survive if Esther wasn't so ******* crazy.

IdleTraveller IdleTraveller
22-25, F
Nov 2, 2009