The Forbidden Daisies Garden

 Emily closed the door behind her as she stepped out to go to college.She had missed a lot of classes but today she would go.It was 9 in the morning and the sky had that light blue color already and the clouds seem so beautiful with the sun bringing light.

 As she walked she looked at one man,cleaning outside of his house.''must be helping his wife'',she thought.Then she saw someone talking on the phone with a very loud voice.Outside of a chinese shop there were six cats and Emily smiled when she saw them.''family'',she said and continued walking.She put her headphones on,as she had her mobile phone with her and put a song-flores amarillas by floricienta-,a spanish song.

The girl arrived and the first thing she saw was the car of one of her lecturers.Black car,always first in parking.Not the most great thing to notice in the morning,she would rather not see it and hope the lecturer wouldnt appear at class.She looked at her mobile,stopped the music and saw the time.Her heart started beating fast.''almost time for class,great'',she thought and wished time would passed by quick.She breathed in deeply and went in class.

Being already in class and listening to the lecturer,now for almost an hours she started feeling sleepy.She watched the rest of the students talking and looked at her mobile again.It said 9 o clock. ''nine?that doesnt make sense'',she thought.''mobile phone must be going crazy''she smiled.

-Anyone would like to say anything on this subject?the lecturer asked interrupting Emily's thoughts.Ah,i see time to stop.I ll see you all on thursday.And don't forget to bring your papers.We ll continue our chapter.

Emily looked at the door.She picked up her things-bag and mobile phone- ,said bye and quickly left the class.''thank god''she whispered and relaxed.When she went outside the building she saw some boys waiting for the bus.

A voice behind her said ''go now or u ll lose the bus'' and someone else pushed her.Maybe it was the same person that pushed her ,but she didnt turn to see who it was.So she went at the bus stop with the rest of the people there.

 Across the college there was a white fence and u could see many yellow daisies.Emily looked towards the garden.

''the bus'',someone told her and  pointed to the direction the bus was coming.

-i think i ll go home on foot,she said and walked across the street to look at the garden,

-hey dont touch the fence ..and dont think entering the garden.Noone is allowed to go there!,someone said from a distance.

Emily looked around suprised.Seconds later,a man was behind her.He touched her shoulder and she got scared.

-Whats going on?why cant i go in the garden?

-The question is Why are u interested going in?the man asked but soon realised the girl could feel more.

-I love daisies but ...theres something ..a feeling i cant explain...there must be something in this garden that makes me want to go in

To Emily's suprise the man waved and they both transferred in the garden.

-Hhhow?How that happened?

-The bracelet u have is magical.

-Bracelet?I dont...,she started saying but then saw she had one on her hand.

-What can u see?he asked the girl

-A house among the daisies.But there wasnt a house before.Thats so strange.

-Not at all.Not at all.This is my house,my own house.But ppl can only see the daisies.I ll always live here.

-Are u a ghost?

-Haha,he laughed.Well u can call me like that but my name is Lex.You have to promise u ll keep quiet for what u see here.

-Hmm...maybe im watching a dream.

Emily's eyes saw a woman picking up daisies.

-And who is that woman there?

-My wife.She died in an accident.I didnt know.But one day i started making this garden with daisies,as i knew daisies was her favourite flower and she found me.My wish was day and night, that she would find her way back to me.And she did.Ive been protecting this garden for so long and my wife is so happy.I watch her picking up daisies and i feel happy too.Because thats what i want. Our love is a treasure. It won everything,even her death because i see her here and shes happy.

-I dont know what to say.

-Just keep this a secret.After all what everyone see is just daisies,the man said again.

-I think is wonderful.I think love really wins everything.Im glad i met u Lex.And im glad to see ur wife happy too.The garden was made with love.Thank u for letting me see this.I wont forget this.

-When time pass by,just remember ''love wins and is beautiful and what it matters most is to see ur love happy''




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thanks for reading..glad u like it:)

The way your imagination works is just amazing. The Forbidden Daisies Garden. :) Its such a beautiful story.<br />
And the pictures were nice too. :)<br />
Love wins everything. Such a nice story. :)<br />
Omina Vincit Amor

Hi amyMA<br />
yes very good. I like the story. It is fascinating and very creative. I agree absolutely that is the key thing about Love: to be made happy by seeing the happiness of another person before your own. Of course Love is when two people do that with each other!<br />


Oh no honey it was good tears.. a very sweet sweet story. made me feel good. :)

hugs*sorry made u cry

This is a very sweet story Amy. I love it. It brought tears to my eyes.

i just finished it

Hi amyMA<br /> tell good stories.<br />



hehe*sits and thinks*

Okay... now I'm waiting for the next part.... *sits with hands folded*