Story Of Bluepath (chapter 1-2)

Bluepath is my actual warrior name given to me by StarClan. I had a dream that this would be my warrior name, and on the Warriors website I tried the "Get my name from StarClan" thing, and I got Bluepath! I am not kidding. I swear. To StarClan. But here is the true story of Bluepath. 

Chapter 1
Graykit was born from Greeneye, with Mosskit, Owlkit, and Foxkit. Graykit had a destiny. Her mother knew that before she was born. Greeneye had a dream the night before that, "A kit with a pelt of rock, eyes of the moon, and smartness of an owl" would have a destiny. Greeneye did not know if it was good or bad. Her mother thought it would by good, hopefully. Graykit was all of these things. She had gray fur,"pelt of a rock", eyes that were white and that shine in the moon,"eyes of the moon", and was smart,"smartness of an owl." Her mother was proud to have such a perfect kit. But what she thought was weird, was that Graykit's fur was more blueish-grayish than gray. She wanted to know if this would change her daughters destiny, so she tried to speak to StarClan in her dreams that night. It would. "The color will attract fatal injuries, worse than the ones from claw." the deceased warrior appletail told Greeneye. She wondered what appletail, her own mother, meant. 

Chapter 2
Graykit loved to play and wrestle with her kin, especially Foxkit. He was one of the strongest of her siblings, and was probably the most fun, in her opinion. Mosskit was too sensitive and careful. Owlkit was too watchful and curious. Graykit always heard her mother say, 'Why couldn't he be the one who has the smartness of an owl? Why isn't he the one of the prophecy?" She wondered that meant. Once they were finally six moons old, they became apprentices. They were now Mosspaw, Owlpaw, Foxpaw, and Graypaw. On the next full moon, they went to the Gathering. Being in AirClan meant they were the most powerful, and the most respected. But once they were there, Graypaw caught a glimpse of the most handsome cat she had ever seen before. No, she thought, I must stay loyal to my Clan. I will not love him. I will never love him. He is from DeathClan. But she kept staring at him as if he was a golden, shining jewel. She could not take her eyes of him. At one point, they both stared at each other, and Gray caught a glimpse of  something in his eyes. Understanding and... something more... he loved her, too!

Bluepath Bluepath
May 15, 2012