Story Of Bluepath (chapters 3-4)

Sorry about my first story. I meant to say, "Story of Bluepath (chapters 1-2)". Oops. Well, enjoy! (And if you know how to change the name, tell me how in the comments, please). Thanks!
Chapter 3
After the Gathering, as Graypaw turned to leave with her Clan, the cat she was staring at before padded toward her. "Hey, I am Grasspaw." he looked at the ground. "And I'm Graypaw. Nice to meet you." she shuffled her paws. "Do you want to come with me? Tonight? To a secret place? I want to show it to you." Graypaw stared at him in surprise. "I...uh...sure...I guess." "Great! Lets go, then!" He started to walk toward a bush. "Wait! I need to tell my Clan first." And she went over to her Clan leader. "Can I go hunt, please? The Clan needs it." Her leader looked at her. "No, you need to stay with us. This is your first Gathering. You wont know the way." She would have agreed with him, and she started to leave with them, but turned around and decided to go back. But it wasn't curiosity that turned her back. It was hope. And love.
Chapter 4
It was the day after the Gathering, and Graypaw trudged back into her camp. "Where were you?" Someone called to her. She looked up nervously to see her leader, Cloudstar, towering over her. "Hunting." she gulped. "I told you not to!" he growled, "You're lucky to find your way back. Next time you can get lost!" "And I am very disappointed in you." A new voiced mewed. It was her mother, Greeneye. "You didn't listen to your own leader." she looked up at her leader. "Will she be punished?" "Certainly. For FIVE sunrises you shall tend to the elders and kits. Understand?" he meowed firmly. "Yes." Graypaw squeaked. She bowed her head, and turned to the elder's den. How stupid she was. She would not see Grasspaw again that night. So as she walked to the elder’s den, she decided she would NOT go see Grasspaw again. Ever. Except at Gatherings. But of coarse, hope and love (but mostly love) brought her to sneaking out of the camp again that night.
Sorry 4 my lameness. I had already written this, in another (better) way, and “posted” it, but it ended up not being there! And if you think I am copying Dark River, well no. I am not.  
Bluepath Bluepath
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