Bluepath Again

Do you know any good cat name I could use... I was thinking of Leafpelt, Twigclaw, Sagewisker, Tuliptail, and Rockhead... all kin! How about it? Good names for my new story? Say yes or no in the comments...
Bluepath Bluepath
4 Responses May 15, 2012

:D those are cute names but how about Rainspirit or Waveheart or Wavewing ? :L

i like rockhead coz i did the consult starclan for my warrior name on and i got rockhead!

I like the these names:<br />
<br />
Dawntail<br />
Snowmist (my best one!)<br />
Lionpelt<br />
Rockwing<br />
<br />
You can use them if u want. My bonus name is: Iceheart

Thanks, so I CAN use these? Thank you so much! I will use them, if that's totally fine with you. I can give credit to names if wanted.

Do NOT use these names. I am.